Saturday, March 7, 2009

Free iLike music downloads

Oh I am sad again, my favourite guy Lenny seems to be leaving me behind (without a word of goodbye) so hear are the songs I have downloaded from ilike music for free, the ones that soothe me and also help with the small amount of weeping and moping I need to do before I move on.

These are great little ballads if you are in the market for some free emerging artist songs.

The Greatest, by Cat Power

Blackbird Fly Away, by Serena Matthews

In The Air, by Machelli

Koyaanisqatsi, by Chris Moulyneux

Be Who You Are, by Queenie

The Alternate World Waltz, by Lisa DeBenedictis

Truth In The Unseen, by Miasma

The Rose Pipe Set, by TamLyn

Northshore Music Therapist, by The Main Drag

Better, by Sergius Gregory

Lost and Lonely, by Sean Cox

I Will Be Grateful For This Day, by Bright Eyes

You can also get some very obscure but promising music downloads for free from mule music downloads, and I found some of the above artists there, and there are music genres i have not even heard of like 'shoegaze' I have no idea what that is, but it is a great site for finding your own little treasures. If you want to feel like a taste-maker, get ahead of the record store by using free sites like mule music and ilike and feel super cool.