Saturday, March 21, 2009

Elton John is a Faithless Thorn

Elton John, this is what I think, you are a faithless thorn! Imagine writing a song, Candle In the Wind, for one person, Norma Jean aka Marilyn Monroe, and then decades later, ever so slightly changing it and dedicating it to a totally different person!!!!

It would be like me dedicating a poem to someone and then later, publicly dedicating it to someone else because I was too insensitive and lazy to write an entirely new one.

As a writer I think its terrible, poor Marilyn! and what assurance does the Princess Diana have that you won't come along and rewrite for yet another soul?

Ugh, ugh, this has been on my chest for so long, had to vent.

I hope I never have to have this argument again with another person ('I like it' they say!)


  1. Hi Starry!
    Your completely right of course!
    But careful...I've seen Elton throw a tantrum and quite frankly...he's SCARY! LOL
    Hope you have a great week! Sorry I've neglected you...I'm so behind with my blogging!

  2. Hey Sassy, that's okay, I know you are the one with the kids, and the uni, and the life! Ha, no I have a life, but I am so flexible in what I do when, I never worry if people don't keep up with me, i just always hope you are well and happy. I just got a bit of relief reading your blog, loved the second picture!
    xxx Starry