Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Win Handmade Earrings

I have a contest on my other blog www.easygivingheart101.blogspot.com you can win these earrings by guessing the number of butterflies in my room, there are hints and tips to help you guess, and all contest details are in the post. Simply leave a comment below the post stating the number you wish to guess!

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Life Cycle of the Guitarist Across the Street

I have had the same neighbours across the street for perhaps fifteen years now, decent people, no domestic arguments, only one or two really HUGE parties... but sometime in that first year, the man of the house bought a guitar. Its been a long road for him and for me as the person primarily at home to hear his progress. This is, as I see it, the life cycle of the guitarist across the street.

In the beginning he cannot play an entire song. Cannot, in fact, play an entire verse. Having learned to play a number of musical instruments I can diagnose his problem immediately... he does not play on from an error, but starts at the very beginning, again and again. You'll never get anywhere that way mate I'd think, and groan at the monotony of it all.

In the early stages of his life cycle I cannot identify which song or even style of music he is trying to play. But it could be worse, it could be the piano and it could be Chopsticks over and over, though I probably wouldn't be able to hear that in my house so moot point.

I think I can't wait for him to improve.

After a few months, his family welcomes a newborn infant. Wifey lays down the law - he is not allowed to play when the baby is home as its too loud - so he doesn't play as often. For 10 years he plays only when I am studying for an exam, have a uni assignment, am on holiday and trying to read a book for the pleasure of it, I'm sick, or I'm trying to write.

He joins or forms a band, now he brings other people home to join in. Beware, this is a direct result of improving, another illustration of be careful what you wish for.

The children get older and he has a free rein on when he can play. He begins to improvise for large quantities of time, it seems to be some kind of blues music. He plays so often I think he surely cannot own a tv set or a game system.

Recently he has begun to think he is experienced enough to learn to play music by ear alone. He is now playing Chris Isaaks 'Wicked Game' over and over never making it past a certain point, just like in the early days only now I can hear in my head the correct music and want to run over and hum it for him till he gets it right.

I'm now anticipating the kids will begin to learn to play... in which case, I might want to move closer to the highway.