Monday, July 5, 2010

Can Rock Stars Do Anything They Want?

Hey, I'm not going to go into trashing hotel rooms, brushes with the law, or anything like that... but I was listening to The White Stipes cover of Jolene, and thought to myself, cool people can do anything can't they? I mean here is a guy singing "I'm begging of you please don't take my man" and I'm singing along. I've never done anything but cringe when Jolene comes on the radio... sure its catchy but daggy.... but ever since the White Stripes cover, I admit, I love to belt out my own accompaniment to the song. And even my teenage nieces and nephews don't say 'ooh that is so gay!" as they are prone to do.

What about Michael Jackson and the single white glove, yes many people said 'hey Michael that's a bit weird' but hasn't it become an iconic piece of music history. He gets away with it because he is a creative genius. RIP and I hope heaven has a decent glove shop for ya.

I am really stuck on the song Your Ex Lover Is Dead by Stars at the moment, totally missed it when it came out, just found it because I was researching songs used in the tv series The OC. Well it opens so dramatically with "when there is nothing left to burn you have to set yourself on fire", love it, so dramatic! sounds like it might be taken out of a horror movie but I'll have to get around to researching that... maybe they did it all themselves.

I guess I'm just amazed by what some people can be praised for and other people can be totally panned for. Bjork, so hot one minute, wearing a swan for a dress to the Oscars the next... so was she ever cool? Will Lady Gaga ever just totally misread what we are willing to put up with in the 'fashion' stakes?

And what do you think is cool that might otherwise be considered dicey at best, lame at worst?