Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Songs of the Year, 2008

These are my favourite songs for 2008.

I'm Yours, Jason Mraz

Dream Catch Me, Newton Faulkner

1,2,3,4, Plain White T's

Bubbly, Colbie Caillat

First Day Of My Life, Bright Eyes

Stop Buying Things, Angie Hart

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Favourite Free Downloads

These are my favourite free MP3 downloads from iLike music at the moment, they all send shivers of delight down my spine, and I have them stuck in my head by turns.

Bathroom Walls, the Ums
June, Jered Taner 4 President
Anyone In There, Movie55
Incapable, Tremble Bee
Too Many Teardrops, the Poseurs
Walk You Home, James Andrew
City I Need You Now, Zsammy
The Rain Song, The Dreamer and the Sleeper
Leaving The Hospital (I'm Going Home), The Dreamer and the Sleeper
I Will Love You, Fisher
Always to Keep, Jeff Merchant

they range from acoustic style ballads to alternative soft pop rock.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Zephyr Song; and Walk You Home

Song of the Day (for yesterday), The Zephyr Song, by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

A happy day, deserves a happy song, and this is one I was carried away with all day. I was floating in that zephyr as I sang and hummed along all day. This song definitely spreads happiness and relaxation, I find I breathe more deeply, and I glow with peace and energy when I listen to it, or have it stuck in my head.

Song of the Day for today, Walk You Home, by Andrew James, free MP3 download from iLike music.

Absolutely beautiful ballad, I am quite taken with it, a definite keeper. This song reminds me of my ex, not walking me home, but waiting for me before we got together. He would come home late from work, and all he wanted to do was go to bed, but I would go and sit on the swing in the park across the road, thinking about things, and he never said anything but he always waited up to make sure I came home safe. Of course we could have gotten our act together a lot sooner if he had simply come over and sat on the swing next to me!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

She's A Rainbow

Song of the Day: She's A Rainbow, by the Rolling Stones.

currently being used in a tv commercial "have you seen her dressed in blue.... have you seen the Lady Purple? She comes in colours everywhere.... she's a rainbow".

I love the Rolling Stones and the colour purple is my favourite, so this song is a big hit with me, today I downloaded it onto my MP3 and I am totally enjoying it. "My Precious!". I am thinking of two of my friends with the song today, my friend Chez who loves rainbows with me, and Mandy who has a taste for bright, swirling colourful clothes, along with me.... so we are She, we are the Rainbow. We own it with pride, we are alive with happiness, or at least bursting with life.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Song That Drives My Mum Crazy

Yeah, short trip! No, seriously, she hates this old commercial jingle 'washy, washy, washy', it is so happy and upbeat I love it, but it drives her nuts when I sing it. I don't know what she has against it, I can't comprehend someone hating it that much. Every now and then I sing it, especially when the soap suds going down the kitchen drain make a chug, chug, chug sound that makes mum say "oh shut up" to the sink. Then she says it to me. Washy, washy, washy! three little words, actually the same word over and over, holds so much power....

The most puzzling thing is that she likes 'Chewy, Chewy, Chewy, Chewy' and 'Mashed Potato Yeah, Yeah, Yeah....'

What is the deal mum?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I Miss You, Blink 182

Song of the Day, I Miss You, Blink 182.

I have Blink 182, I Miss You, stuck in my head. "Where are you, and I'm so sorry, I can't sleep, I cannot dream tonight...". The rich, deep string arrangement provokes my sense of loss. As I listen, I hear the insistant, single note of the piano keyboard that reminds me of a seatbelt alarm and I feel troubled. In my mind I see a car pulled over on the side of the road, an isolated scene, the car empty, the door swinging open in the wind, the engine running, the alarm sounding, the people.... missing.

Abandonment, crisis, mystery, loneliness... this song is definitely haunting me right now.

There is a Song for Everything

This is my music journal, you are welcome to read it, it is just a reflection of the songs in my life past and present.

I have to tell you something, I am surrounded by spirits, the spirits of those who have lived and passed over, and of those who are yet to live. It is wonderful, but it is also a lot to handle. At times in my past I have not handled it. In a particularly black spell, I actually shut myself in the bottom of my wardrobe and curled up, spent the night singing every song I could think of until the morning came.

I think from that time in my life my inner ear, has developed into a 24-7 radio station. I don't have to sing the songs myself, they come in all the time on their own now. And not just when I am not coping, but sound bytes all the time, triggered by words, events and memories, funny, stressful, joyful... whatever the situation, it seems there is a song.

There was a song for when my boyfriend, performing a strip tease for me, got a button caught in his nose. There was the song that was playing when my niece Amber took her first steps - Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs. There is my psych up song for when I have to go out at night, Rebel Rebel, by David Bowie. There are the songs I hear when my Nanna (who has passed) comes to see me, Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree With Anyone Else But Me, When The Moon Was Young, and Goodnight Sweetheart. Sometimes Scarlet Ribbons, and Goodnight Ladies for my nanna and great aunt Avis.

There are the break up songs, the funeral songs, the falling in love songs, party songs, bridal waltzes, we all have songs that are special to us, and this is the place where I will reflect on the songs in my life.