Saturday, December 13, 2008

I Miss You, Blink 182

Song of the Day, I Miss You, Blink 182.

I have Blink 182, I Miss You, stuck in my head. "Where are you, and I'm so sorry, I can't sleep, I cannot dream tonight...". The rich, deep string arrangement provokes my sense of loss. As I listen, I hear the insistant, single note of the piano keyboard that reminds me of a seatbelt alarm and I feel troubled. In my mind I see a car pulled over on the side of the road, an isolated scene, the car empty, the door swinging open in the wind, the engine running, the alarm sounding, the people.... missing.

Abandonment, crisis, mystery, loneliness... this song is definitely haunting me right now.


  1. Nice to see you here Starry....

    My kids have been stirring me up lately....I love Indian clothes and over the past few days I have bought myself some really comfortable pants....Well apparently according to the guru`s of clothing they look something like MC hammer pants so they are going around sing "you can`t touch this"

  2. Ha, I know the pants he used to wear! I liked a funny home video clip with two little kids, one older brother kept taking toys out of the hands of the baby and it was set to 'You Can't touch This', it is something I think mother's hear all day long from their kids, one won't share or gets grumpy coz brother or sis is touching their things.
    You get to laugh at the things they do - studs, probably in the future tattoos, funny haircuts, mispelled tshirts... least I hope they do some funny things so you can even the score!