Sunday, March 8, 2009

Chase The Light

Song of the Day = Chase the Light by Jimmy Eat World.

Just found this song today, I had gone to a music site to get a copy of Pain by Jimmy Eat World, so what the hey, might as well check out the other songs they have.... quite a few right up my alley by the sounds of things. I also liked Drugs or Me, and Night Drive.


  1. WOW! LOL so cool! I need music on my blog! How did you do that?!

  2. Hi sorry I just got the comment, the cheat way is to click on my page where the music player has a box, 'create your free playlist' it takes you to the playlist site and you register (free) and start searching for songs, and you can put the same playlist (or different playlists) on other sites. It is so easy and fun, go for it Sassy.