Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Here Comes The Sun

Nina Simone, "Here Comes The Sun", there it is, happiness creeping in, rays of hope starting to emerge. I hope the feelings this song bring to me are beginning to seap in to the hearts of all who are suffering as a result of the Victorian fires.

Healing warmth, the sun on my face, not scorching sun, not heat that reminds us of fire and burning, but gentle caresses of the dawn or perhaps a pretty sunset. A moment of freedom from stress, to observe that the world is still a beautiful place. To think it is possible to one day (hopefully soon) feel safe again. To feel loved and supported.

My love is moving through the song, I push it with my spirit to reach the ones who need it most.

I hope you will soon have cause to know, the sun also rises.


  1. Starry that's soo beautiful...OMG I was reading your likes and I was like yes..tick...cool!..awesome!..HEY!..nice!..I love Eskimo Joe seen them in concert Girl is one the cds I play over and over and NEVER skip a tune!..Audrey Hepburn was immense loooove Sabrina! AND i CRY At the end of Roman Holiday..Your Music is sick dude! BOWIE!! Kings of Leon! I loved Fastball too!I'm snagging your idea and making a playlist...maybe with a boosh tune!!...ooo there was other stuff you mentioned but I'm all music minded ATM sooo lets just say I am digging your style girl! take care Shazam!

  2. Hey Shazam, I have seen your playlist, good job, and the good news its easy to add songs anytime its easier then installing it in the first place. i have noticed I love a lot of your loves music and other we must be twin souls or something...
    I can't believe Eskimo Joe being from Fremantle and me a WA girl haven't seen them live! I will but I swear I will.
    Now I get to go catch your newest post, can't wait, xxx Starry