Friday, June 5, 2009

Lyred You're My Hero!

Well I am one crazy dame when it comes to pursuing the music I love. I even have scraps of paper in a drawer with lyric snatches from songs I love but have no idea the vintage, artist, or title....

I have a niece who rings radio station djs and sings or hums bits of mystery songs until they tell her what she wants to know. I don't do that,

but I do spend hours searching on the internet until I A) identify the song and B) get my own copy of it!

I used to use lyricsfly but I have discovered lyred ( you can type in any amount of lyrics in inverted commas and then search the entire google world for lyric matches, I have had a much higher success rate now, and have some hot little songs in my music player thanks to them!

so if you have a mystery song bugging you, get onto lyred and you'll be all set!

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