Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Songs on My Mind

Its been a while since I have kept up my music journal, so now I have to think back over all the songs that have been in my mind this summer.
When I was battling fluffy hair I was thinking a lot about "Super Freak" for some reason. I tried so many hair products that the song switched over to "Just Can't Get Enough", each day I tried different frizz ease, or taming applications....
Then I was missing my ex and I had lots of depressing songs in my head, but it was good depression if you know what I mean. It was that deliciously sweet pain we sometimes deliberately inflict on ourselves by listening to the same song again and again, or looking at old photos.... It seems to be a girl thing.
Of course Blink 182 'I Miss You' came out of the cd rack, and the song I was crushing on when I met mr ex Eskimo Joe's 'Planet Earth', of course that used to be my happy song!
I have also been crying along to Death Cab For Cutie's 'I Will Follow You Into The Dark', and Fischer 'I Will Love You'.
Now I have cheered up considerably but have had a lot of trouble with urinary hesitancy so I am looking for songs to sing in the toilet, especially water songs! I have to go to see the doctor this afternoon as I can't go on like this.


  1. Hi Starry,
    Great to find you here!
    I think you look gorgeous! Love your hair....but oh we women will pick ourselves apart wont we?! :)
    I have a lot of songs that mean a great deal to me....
    one in particular?
    Hilary duff- Someones watching over me (my dad)

  2. Hi Sassy, I haven't been here for so long I have only just gotten your comment thank you so much. I have noticed we all want different hair - straight hair wants curly, curly wants straight, brunette wants blonde....
    Thanks for sharing your special song with me, I shall track it down and listen to it. I like that you feel your dad is looking over you, and hope the song is a comfort.
    I shall look forward to reading your blog here, xxx Starry